Currently located in Louisville, KY.  These fees do not apply for Part of the Pack Pet Care.  I work as an independent contractor for them and help them when they are heavily booked or need days off.  Please contact them (502) 780-1522 unless you live in Indian Hills or Riverwood area (near me).  


Meet and Greet - Complimentary

Before any services, please contact me to schedule a meet and greet.  It is best to plan for a minimum of 30 - 60 minutes for us to meet and discuss your pet care needs.  I will need to gather the best and most complete information about your pets during this visit.  Please prepare emergency contacts and your pets' medical information.  You can show me your pets' routines, locations of their supplies, and give me all instructions regarding their care.  I also have a multi-page form with terms and conditions, as well as, a complete care profile for your pets that I will complete during this visit.  You are under no obligation to hire me after this initial meeting.  

Have a long day or a 1-day event to attend?


  • Quick Potty Visit - brief walk and/or play time 15-20 min  $20
  • Walk or Play Time Visit  - 30-45 min  $30
  • 2-hour stay at your home - I will "hang out" with your pet(s).  Sometimes you feel guilty about not being able to spend enough time with your pet(s).  I can spend time with them.  We can walk, play, snuggle, eat, etc.  $60  ($20 for each additional hour)

Are you traveling? (away for more than a day)

  • Once daily cat visits***** (not for dogs) - $30
  • Twice daily cat visits (not for dogs) - $60
  • Three 30-45 min visits per day  $85  beginning 7-8 am and ending 10 - 11pm (Each visit includes a walk and/or play time and is often longer than 30 minutes if the pets are into play time and affection!)
  • Four 30-45 min visits per day  $110 - beginning 7 - 8 am and ending 10-11pm  (Each visit includes a walk and/or play time and is often longer than 30 minutes if the pets are into play time and affection!)
  • Overnight stays  $135 per night   -  Will stay at your house minimally from 7pm to 7am and return every day between 12 and 3 for a 30 min visit that includes walk and/or play time!  

No extra charge for feeding, refreshing water, medication administration (includes oral, injectable, ophthalmic, topical, and aural), cleaning litter boxes, bringing in mail and newspapers, maintaining trash and recycling, changing lights and/or curtains, re-setting alarm systems, and watering plants

Prices listed above include service and care for up to 4 pets.  For each additional pet, please add $10 to the price.   

Locations out of town will be considered, but will incur an additional cost for travel time.

Holiday Services 

Thanksgiving Day, December 24th, and December 25th have an additional charge of $25 for those days.

*****For cats, there is a once daily visit minimum requirement while owners are out of town.  It is in the best interest of all cats' health and safety.

For dogs, there is a 3 visit daily minimum requirement while owners are out of town.